About the Journal

Focus and scope

The Research, Society and Development journal (whose abbreviated title is Res., Soc. Dev.) is a multidisciplinary scientific publication focused on promoting the social, scientific and technological development through the publication of the findings that have occurred in different areas. This is a monthly journal, which publishes various types of manuscript, such as scientific articles, reviews and case teaching in diversified areas of knowledge. The journal receives many contributions from researchers in the area of Teaching, which allows to evaluate and publish also educational objects.

Section policies

Education Sciences - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Agrarian and Biological Sciences - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Health Sciences - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Exact and Earth Sciences - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Human and Social Sciences - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Engineerings - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Review Article - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Educational Objects - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Book Review - Indexed - Peer Reviewed
Note Preview - Indexed - Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

The evaluation of Research, Society and Development manuscripts is done in pairs by the Double Blind Review method, where each manuscript is evaluated by two external ad hoc reviewers, selected by specialty or affinity for the thematic content of the manuscript under consideration. The reviewers of the journal, for the most part, are external to the publishing institution, in addition to having a large number of external evaluators to Brazil, as presented annually in the nominata of ad hoc evaluators.

After submission, the manuscript is evaluated by the ad hoc reviewers, who analyze, suggest corrections and improvements. Then the analysis is made by the editor, who resolves the cases of controversy, analyzes the opinions and decides on the refusal or acceptance of the manuscript.

After the editor's analysis, the manuscript is returned to the authors for the improvements suggested by the reviewers.

Finally, the author submits the final version of the manuscript, with its report of similarity detection software (possibly CopySpider). The final version will be sent within the definitive template of the journal, where it is mandatory to inform the ORCID of all authors and the percentage of contribution of each author in the manuscript.

The evaluation is blind, without the identification of the authors and ad hoc reviewers.

The annual nominata with the name of all ad hoc reviewers is published in the month of December.

The time between receipt of the article and the first response of the reviewers is up to 30 days. The time between receipt and publication is up to 60 days. The rejection rate for currently submitted articles is 12%.

Among the main advantages of the double-blind evaluation process adopted by the journal are:

a) ignorance of the identity of the author and the reviewer, guaranteeing impartiality in the evaluation;
b) greater credibility and prestige of evaluation processes;
c) improvement of the process of communication of the results of the researches.

Publication Frequency

The Research, Development And Society is a monthly journal.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its contents following the principles that free availability of scientific knowledge favors universal democratization of knowledge.

Publication cost (APC)

For Brazilian authors, the publication fee is R $ 300,00 BRL (three hundred reais). For other authors, the publication fee is US$ 100,00 (one hundred American dollars). The publication fee is charged only for accepted papers. There is no submission fee.


This journal uses the LOCKSS system to create a distributed file system between participating libraries and allows them to create permanent journal files for preservation and restoration.


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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The journal is dedicated to complying with good practices with regard to moral conduct consistent with the scientific publishing of periodicals. Preventing neglect is also the crucial responsibility of the author, editor, and editorial staff: any form of unethical behavior, as well as plagiarism in any instance, is not accepted. Authors who submit articles to the journal ensure that the work has not been published nor is it under review / evaluation in any other journal.

The Research, Society and Development requires a completed CONSORT 2010 checklist and flow diagram as a condition of submission when reporting the results of a randomized trial. Templates for these can be found here or on the CONSORT website [www.consort-statement.org] which also describes several CONSORT checklist extensions for different designs and types of data beyond two group parallel trials. At minimum, your article should report the content addressed by each item of the checklist. Meeting these basic reporting requirements will greatly improve the value of your trial report and may enhance its chances for eventual publication.

We also signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

When submitting an article with research with human beings carried out in Brazil, the authors must present the approval of the Ethics Committee.

Special Issues, Supplements and Thematic Dossiers

Sporadically the journal can make calls to Special Issues, Supplements or Dossiers thematic. In such cases, full papers will be evaluated according to the referees' review process through double blind review.

Plagiarism software

To maintain the transparency of the information contained in the research, the author is requested, at the time of submission of the final version of the manuscript, a report of the similarity detection software (possibly CopySpider).

In the case of CopySpider Software, available at http://www.copyspider.com.br/main/, authors should submit the report that shows that the article has a maximum of 3% similarity with other files (and the justification if it is greater than 3%).

Journal Sponsorship

This is a publication of the Research Group Methodologies in Teaching and Learning in Sciences of Federal University of Itajubá - Campus Itabira.

The DOI of the articles from 2016 to 2018 were financed by Unifei. In 2019 the DOI became the responsibility by the authors of the articles or people interested in the journal. As of 2020, authors began to pay all publication costs.

Journal History

The Research, Society And Development journal is an electronic publication that arose from the need to take a more critical and collaborative science. This is a publication of the Research Group Methodologies in Teaching and Learning in Sciences of Federal University of Itajubá - Campus Itabira. Due to the increase in the size of the journal (foreseen in the editorial of December 2019), in 2020 the management of the journal started to take place professionally through the associated publisher "CDRR Editors".