Global trends for patulin adsorption: A review




Detoxification; Biological methods; Mycotoxins; Bacteria.


Patulin is a toxic metabolite produced by several species of fungi. The species that are responsible for the production of patulin enter fruits through bruised and broken skin, causing contamination. Apple-derived products are considered to be by far the most significant dietary sources of patulin. According to the literature, three strategies have been used to break down or remove patulin in food, such as physical, chemical, and biological methods. Degradation of patulin by microorganisms or biodegradation enzymes is an efficient and promising method for the removal of patulin from food. The incidence of patulin contamination continues to be high, despite global efforts to reduce the levels of this mycotoxin at each stage of the fruit production process. Its transformation into other compounds has been reported. However, the toxicities of its byproducts as deoxypatulinic acid, ascladiol, and hydroascladiol should be subjected to an intensive study.


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