Surgical treatment of orbital zygomatic complex fracture: Case report




Zygomatic fractures; Fracture fixation; Comminuted fractures.


The cases of fracture of the orbital zygomatic complex have high rates, therefore, knowledge of its signs and symptoms is necessary, as it allows for an early diagnosis and a better prognosis. The present work is a clinical case report of a fracture in the orbital zygomatic complex, where the clinical signs and symptoms were described observing aesthetic and functional dysfunctions in order to provide a better diagnosis and surgical planning and to evaluate the techniques used, showing the importance of maxillofacial surgeon in the treatment of these types of fractures. Male patient sought the Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology service, victim of a car accident. On physical examination, were identified: palpebral ptosis, periorbital ecchymosis, hyposphagma, diplopia and ophthalmoplegia in the right eye, enophthalmia, loss of anteroposterior projection of the zygomaticus, diffuse edema in the middle third of the face, enlargement of the middle third of the face and mouth opening limitation. A tomographic exam was requested, which confirmed the fractures in the zygomatic complex and the presence of continuity solution compatible with a blow-out fracture, followed by the surgical procedure. The patient underwent 3 surgical approaches, 3 internal fixation points (with 1.5mm, 2.0mm fixation system plates and screws) and placement of an orbital mesh for reconstruction of the orbital floor. The treatment was successful, showing that the surgical procedure is safe and effective, resulting in aesthetic and functional gain.


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