Emotions on the surface and their possible management in the COVID-19 pandemic





Emotions; Mental health; COVID-19.


Objectives: to identify the main emotions experienced by society during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and to describe the management of emotions by society during the period of COVID-19. Method: integrative review, with data collection carried out in May 2020 and February 2021. articles were carried out from the CAPES Periodicals portal, in the MEDLINE COMPLETE databases; SCIELO; LILACS, and Google Scholar, being searched in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The structured search phrases were "emotions" and "pandemic" ; "mental health" and "pandemic" ; "pandemic" and "self-knowledge". To be included in the research, materials should be articles, manuals, editorials available in full and free online. Theses, dissertations, monographs and books, on the other hand, meet the exclusion criteria. Results: 144 were selected which demonstrate that the most experienced emotions during the pandemic are: fear, sadness and anger, which are accompanied by characteristics of emotions such as anxiety, frustration, loneliness and anguish. Furthermore, studies also indicate coping measures to deal with emotions and feelings in order to find the best way to go through this period, as well as emerging paths for self-knowledge and development of emotional intelligence. Conclusion: The study contributes to the findings for the area of ​​mental health, because given the main emotions experienced by society during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and its management, it was possible to objectively visualize the successful paths taken by society for a more healthy coping challenges posed by the current pandemic.


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