Continuity and transition of care for children with chronic conditions: a scoping review




Transitional care; Child health; Chronic disease; Continuity of patient care; Health management.


The growing availability of technological resources and the change in the population's nutritional profile have also increased the survival of children with chronic conditions. Care for children with chronic conditions requires a differentiated and specialized approach, considering their specific care and vulnerabilities. This article aims to understand the evidence found in the national and international scientific literature on continuity and/or transition in the care of children with chronic diseases. For this, a scope review was carried out in the BVS, Pubmed and Scopus databases in January 2019, with a search for data between 2009 and 2018, using the descriptors "Continuity of Patient Care" or "Transitional Care", "Child" and “Chronic Disease”. The inclusion criteria were articles published between 2009 and 2018, in Portuguese, English and Spanish. While the exclusion criteria were articles not available online in full format, theses and dissertations, duplicate publications and studies that did not address the theme. Nineteen articles were selected in the final sample, constructing the categories: Communication between Services in the Health Care Network; Transition of care from hospital to home; Rehospitalizations and their relationship with the continuity and transition of care; and, Longitudinal link and relational continuity. Among the findings, the evidence brings practical contributions to the health area, especially for professional nurses, as it presents strategies for the care of children with chronic health conditions, in addition to pointing out difficulties experienced in this context, highlighting aspects that need improvement.


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