Use of kaolin as a potential low-cost adsorbent for the removal of reactive blue BF-5G dye




Low-cost adsorbent; Adsorption; Reactive Dyes; Textile wastewater.


The objective of this work was to use kaolin as an adsorbent for synthetic effluent, based on the reactive blue dye BF-5G. Several analytical techniques were used to investigate the material's crystallinity, morphology, specific surface area and fundamental functional group of kaolin. In sequence, different pH values were studied using a finite bath system. In investigating the influence of pH, the adsorbent used showed superior performance at a pH value equal to 1. From this optimal value, kinetic studies were carried out with the ideal conditions of pH, concentration and adsorbents (pH = 1, C0 = 50 mg/L and kaolin used as adsorbent). The adsorption percentage is maximum at pH 1 and decreases with the basic strength of the dye solution.


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