Chitosan and Laponite: a meta-analysis on their applications




Bibliometrics; Coating; Prospecting; Articles; Patents.


Chitosan is a renewable natural alkaline polysaccharide, and laponite is a multifunctional nanocomposite. Their use exists in several areas, mainly due to their non-toxicity and because chitosan is from natural resources. One primary use in seed coating processes consists of applying an exogenous material to the seeds, which can facilitate handling and planting. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the most appropriate uses in patented and publications related to the use of Laponite and Chitosan to access these materials' state of the art to identify perspectives for new research. One hundred two publications were explored in the scientific databases Scopus (53) and Web of Science (WoS) (79). Of these, duplicates were removed, totaling 93 articles with publications started in 2006. The number of publications on chitosan and laponite for the countries with the highest number of corresponding authors was from China (27), Iran (16), and the United States (15). Brazil also stands out and occupies the fourth position regarding the number of corresponding authors (7). There were prospected 109 patents, and most of them have been used in medical or veterinary hygiene, or hygienic devices and methods (A61K), in cosmetics (A61Q). The compilation and analysis of scientific, technological, and information use carried out in this work has allowed for identifying the new research perspectives and validated the potential use of chitosan and laponite association as a seed coating.


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