Evaluation of the occurrence of periodontal diseases among patients seen at a dental school clinic of a university center in southwestern Bahia





Periodontal Diseases; Biofilm; Gingivitis; Periodontitis; Oral hygiene.


This study aims to determine the occurrence of periodontal disease among patients seen at the Faculdade Independente do Nordeste, identifying which periodontal diseases are more prevalent and observing the possible risk factors from the data obtained through the analysis of medical records. The research included 141 medical records of patients seen at the same school clinic, male and female, aged between 22 and 73 years. The collected data were tabulated in a database elaborated in Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Corporation, USA), where the number of patients, sex, age, ethnicity, presence or absence of systemic disease reported by the patient through the anamnesis present in their medical record, date of periodontal examination and periodontal diagnosis. Statistical analysis was performed using the Chi-square, Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis tests. According to the results obtained in this research, it was observed that there is a high occurrence of periodontal diseases, proving the relationship of the disease with the systemic condition of the patient. risk factors and correlating them with systemic diseases.


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