Cereal-based functional foods as a healthy eating alternative: a review





Functional foods; Natural products; Foods; Health.


In recent years, much has been said and sought about healthy eating and ways to achieve it. Cereal-based functional foods, for example, have been an interesting strategy to achieve this aimed, since the various products supplied by the market are currently described as beneficial to the consumer when inserted into a balanced diet. Until the present moment, many companies have already invested in the idea, since, when thinking about this type of proposal, it tends to dominate the market more and more, since the search for a healthier diet grows sharply in several countries around the world. Thus, this narrative literature review has aimed to address different factors that cereal-based functional foods confer health, demonstrating the need for their presence in human food, in addition to exposing the benefits linked to their consumption. Given this, different current findings were revealed in this review to demonstrate the different types of food products made from cereal that exist on the market, and their wide range of opportunities to consume them in different meals of the day, thus ensuring a healthier diet.


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