Covid-19 and its impact on dental practice: a literature review




COVID-19; Coronavirus; Dentistry; Biosafety


The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) directly influenced the form of health care professionals. For the Dental Surgeon (CD), this moment meant necessary changes in his routine of patient care. Thus, this literature review aims to present prevention recommendations to the CD to control and minimize infection in dental treatment. A bibliographic search was performed in the PubMed, Google academic and SciELO databases, and in each search site the keywords "COVID-19", "dental Practice" and "dentistry" were used. Articles published in 2020 were selected in full and free versions, in English and Portuguese. The findings in the literature highlight the importance of using personal protective equipment, as well as the disinfection of surfaces with 70% alcohol, efficient hand washing before and after treatment, body temperature measurement. Telephone screening and / or clinical questionnaires are recommended. COVID-19 is an emergency worldwide and has come up with new challenges for professionals. Thus, it is important that the DC is updated and trained to perform a complete dental care with greater biosafety.


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