Vasorelaxation endothelium-independent of the ethyl acetate phase from aerial parts of Solanum paludosum Moric. envolves channels-calcium L-type blockade




Medicinal plant; Vascular smooth muscle; Solanaceae; L-type calcium channels.


Previous results showed the ethyl acetate phase (SP-AcOEt), obtained from aerial parts of Solanum paludosum, relaxed the aorta isolated in the endothelium-dependent and -independent manner. The vasorelaxant effects of SP-AcOEt was not characterized on aorta rings endothelium-denuded, thus this work aimed to elucidate the mechanisms endothelium-independent vasorelaxation on rat isolated aorta. The aorta was isolated from Wistar rats and mounted in glass baths containing 6 mL of normal Krebs physiological solution with pH at 7.4. The preparation was maintained at 37ºC and bubbled continuously with a mixture of 95% O2 and 5% CO2. Aortic rings were maintained for 1 hour by a resting tension of 1g and next were contracted with phenylephrine after the sustained contraction ACh was added to access the integrity of the endothelium. SP-AcOEt relaxed pre-contracted aorta by KCl-30mM or -80mM in a similar manner, suggesting blockade CaV, but not channel-K+ participating. SP-AcOEt also inhibited the contraction induced by CaCl2 and relaxed pre-contracted aorta by (±)-BayK8644 (EC50 = 16.9±1.3 μg/mL), which confirms the involvement of L-type CaV blockade. SP-AcOEt presented vasorelaxation endothelium-independent that involves L-type Cablockade.

Author Biographies

Joelmir Lucena Veiga da Silva, Medical School of Olinda

Professor of Functional Pratices Laboratory;

Coordenator of Study Group on Interactive and Complementary Practices.

Fabiana de Andrade Cavalcante, Federal University of Paraíba

Professor of Patology and Physiology Departament/UFPB

Tania Maria Sarmento da Silva, Rural Federal University of Pernambuco

Professor of Chemical Departament

Alessandro Elery Ramos, Santa Isabel Hospital

Dental Surgeon

Thárcia Kiara Beserra Oliveira, Medical School of Olinda

Professor of the Surgical Skills Laboratory

Schirley Cristina Almeida Pereira, Medical School of Olinda

Teacher of Academy-Community Service Integration

Bagnólia Araújo da Silva, Federal University of Paraíba

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Departament


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