The use of Er:YAG laser in Dentistry: integrative review




Er:YAG laser; Dentistry; Laser therapy.


Lasers (acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) have numerous applications in health field. They have several effects depending on the energy emitted and absorption by the target tissue. The objective of this work was to carry out an integrative review of the current literature on the uses of the Er:YAG laser in dentistry, highlighting its techniques, indications, advantages and disadvantages. A research of articles had been done on the electronic databases CAPES, PubMed and MEDLINE, using the descriptors: dentistry, laser therapy e Er:YAG laser, indexed in the period from 2015 to 2020 that dealt with systematic reviews, case reports, clinical trials, in vivo studies, integrative reviews and simple blind randomized clinical trials. After the eligibility criteria, 18 articles published in English were analyzed. Studies have shown that the Er:YAG laser has several applications in dentistry, such as in pediatric dentistry, in endodontics, in orthodontics, in preventive dentistry, in the management of patients with special needs and in the acquisition of better aesthetic effects, although more research is still needed to reach more significant conclusions. It is important to highlight that in many procedures it is not needed anesthesia, the technique is much less invasive, dispensing sutures and, thus, allowing a more peaceful postoperative when compared with traditional techniques. The limitations include the high cost and it requires more time for professional to adapt to the new work process and to follow the protocols, yet it is necessary clinical studies to establish universal protocols for some clinical situations.


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