Effect of Catechin Supplementation on Weight Loss in Obese Individuals: A Systematic Review





Supplementary Feeding; Flavonoids; Catechins; Obesity.


Objective: To review about weight loss in obese patients through catechin supplementation. Methods: Systematic review of articles that addressed the effects of catechin supplementation on weight loss in obese patients using the PICO strategy and the Prisma protocol. The research was carried out from August to September of the year 2020 and included all articles published up to the moment of the research, using the PubMed, Scielo and Science Direct databases. To assess the quality of publications, the Jadad scale was used. The risk of bias in clinical trials was analyzed using the Cochrane collaboration tool. Results: Four articles were evaluated that met the methodological inclusion criteria, two studies observed weight loss after supplementation with catechins, however two other studies did not obtain satisfactory results. The methodological variations present in each study may have influenced its results. Conclusion: The inconsistency in the results of the studies evaluated in this review, as well as the limited number of articles found during the search in the databases, demonstrate low evidence about weight loss with catechin supplementation as well as the need for further clinical studies. About the subject.


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