Natal tooth in newborn - Case report




Newbown; Natal teeth; Surgery oral; Pediatric dentistry.


Natal teeth are teeth present in the oral cavity at birth. This disorder can lead to some problems for the newborn, such as Riga-Fede disease and the risk of aspiration and swallowing of the dental element by the baby, as well as injuries to the mother's breast during breastfeeding. The objective of this study was to report the clinical case of a patient of four days of life, taken to the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic of the Positivo University by his mother, who complained of a tooth in the lower anterior region. At the clinical examination, a natal tooth was observed in the region of the lower central incisors. The treatment performed was the exodontia of element 81 due to the baby's great mobility and risk of aspiration. The therapeutic decision must consider some essential factors, such as the levels of implantation and mobility of the natal tooth, which can generate complications and risks to the baby's health.


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