Sustainable development driven by technologies in agriculture




Agricultura 4.0 ; Sustentabilidade ; Acesso ; Innovation.


The main focus of this research is digital technology in agriculture, also defined as agriculture 4.0, and its relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals included in the UN's 2030 Agenda. As a method, a systematic literature review was carried out, in order to seek elements that show how the topic has been described in scientific articles published in the last ten years. After the scan, 15 studies published in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 were selected. These indicators show the growth of publications on agriculture 4.0. Among the articles, emphasis was placed on studies related to the development of digital technology models for specific agricultural crops, as well as studies that intended to understand the relationship between their use and the difficulties of implementing these in the productive context. All selected studies are unanimously related to the 9th objective of the UN Agenda, whose main goal is the construction of inclusive, sustainable, resilient productive processes, with a focus on innovation. In this case, innovation has a strong relationship with the digital in agriculture. The results also point to evidence of the need to formulate efficient public policies, of incentives and continuity, for large and small producers; suggest that this is one of the main aspects to be considered, considering the agricultural establishment, its culture and mode of production.


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