Autogenous dental transplantation: case report




Oral surgery; Dental caries; Third molar; Transplantation.


Introduction: Dental transplantation is the transfer of the tooth from one socket to the other in the maxilla or mandible. It is a good therapeutic option for people who lost their teeth early, being a good low-cost alternative that uses the patient's tooth. For clinical practice, the transplant of interest is autogenous, that is, an individual's tooth. For this there are some criteria, such as good general health and location of the patient, the recipient site without any damage to the structure and compatible with the donor’s tooth, must have a good part of the root developed. Objective: The objective is to report a clinical case of autogenous dental transplantation as a natural and more economical oral rehabilitation option. Case report: A 20-year-old female patient attended the clinic for tooth extraction 47, complaining of discomfort, and previous endodontic treatment. On clinical and imaging examination, it was possible to verify that the dental element 47 was unable to restore and that the 48 was compatible with the size of the 47. Then extraction of the two elements was performed and the transplant of element 48 at the site of element 47, previously prepared, was performed. After 12 months of follow-up, it was possible to observe the new formation of their periodontal ligament. Conclusion: Thus, it was observed that dental transplantation becomes a good therapeutic option due to its low cost and the tooth belongs to their individual.


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