The influence of toothpaste on the abrasivity of dental structure: a narrative review




Dental abrasion; Toothpastes; Erosion.


Tooth brushing is considered the most common method of maintaining good oral hygiene. However, dentifrices and dentifrices demonstrated a manifestation of erosive tooth wear. Even though a dentifrice does not lead to any significant surface loss, the hard tissue structure can make it vulnerable to abrasion. The aim of this study was to analyze how the components of toothpaste act for the wear of dental structures. The databases used were PubMed and Scielo with the keywords: “dental abrasion”, “toothpastes”, “erosion”. The search was for articles published from 2004 to 2021. The literature reviewed showed that toothpastes with whitening purposes cause significant wear of the tooth structure, due to the high levels of abrasives in their composition, but conventional toothpastes also showed tooth wear in a lower proportion. In addition, dentin hypersensitivity has been considered a problem resulting from the loss of tooth structure. Therefore, toothpastes with anti-erosion effect were presented in order to prevent tooth sensitivity. Each toothpaste on the market has a different composition depending on its purpose, and a specific abrasive level. It is up to the Dental Surgeon to know how to correctly prescribe the use of these dentifrices according to the needs of each patient, promoting adequate oral health.


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