Stimulation of collagen production in facial rejuvenation with the application of platelet-rich plasma: a literature review




Facial rejuvenation; Platelet-rich plasma; Platelet-derived growth factor.


Objective: The study aims to analyze the literature on collagen production in facial rejuvenation using platelet-rich plasma, analyzing which studies are already present in the literature and how this new method is approached by them. Methodology: The research is a integrative literature review, through a search in PubMed, Web of Science, Science Direct and MEDLINE databases, using the descriptors associated with Boolean operators: “((Facial rejuvenation) AND (Platelet-rich plasma)) AND (Platelet-derived growth factor)", in the period of April 2022. Results: The search returned primary and secondary articles, a total of 91 articles were found that were later analyzed and only 10 associated with the theme of this review were included. Final considerations: Platelet-rich plasma plays a positive role in tissue regeneration, with high level of platelets and growth factors. As well as its application in aesthetics, there has been increasing data in recent years, but the small number of randomized clinical trials limits the clarification of the technical application and the development of new studies, as they do not present standardization in their methods.


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