Modeling the growth of microalgae: A bibliometric study


  • Vinicius Molini Benedito Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo UFES
  • Paulo Sérgio da Silva Porto Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo UFES
  • Rodrigo Randow de Freitas Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo UFES



Bibliometrics; Lipids; Biodiesel; Database.


Microalgae are suggested as promising sources for the production of biofuels because they are capable of containing large amounts of lipids. The development of microalgae growth models for lipid synthesis in relation to nutrients and light are extremely important in predicting lipid production and helping to improve the production process. This work aims to select relevant articles to compose a portfolio of bibliographic references on the theme "Microalgae growth modeling", using the Web of Science platform and various techniques of article refining. We selected 13 more relevant articles in line with the research theme. The bibliometric analysis of these articles showed that the theme is viable and has a growing number of publications and citations in recent years in several countries. Finally, a qualitative analysis of the articles was carried out and the relationship between several research groups from the world to the research theme was studied through the CiteSpace and Google Earth softwares.


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