Monoetanolamine oleate 5% as a treatment for childhood hemangioma: An experience report




Sclerotherapy; Hemangioma; Therapy.


Vascular anomalies in the head and neck represent a complex group of lesions of congenital or acquired origin, with childhood hemangioma (HI) as the most common benign vascular tumor in childhood. HI is characterized by a phase of rapid growth followed by an involuted phase, usually present before the first year of life. Sclerotherapy is one of the standard treatments for this type of anomaly, even though there is still no standardized protocol for this purpose. Thus, considering the efficacy and safety data of sclerotherapy with monoethanolamine oleate (OM) reported in the literature, the aim of this study is to report the use of 5% OM in patients with HI. This is a descriptive study, with a qualitative approach, of the experience report type, with intralesional injections of approximately 0.1 ml of 5% OM for 4 mm of lesion with an interval of 14 days between sessions. As a result, complete resolution of all four cases was obtained with two sessions of intralesional injection of OM of 5%. Sclerotherapy with OM is an affordable and acceptable treatment option that has proven effective when used properly, but it is extremely important to carry out an individual and personalized treatment for each case.


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