Ozone therapy as an ally in aesthetic treatment in skin rejuvenation





Health teaching; Ozone; Ozone therapy; Aesthetics; Oxidant; Rejuvenation; Biostimulation; Skin.


Introduction: Ozone therapy is an ancient practice, used in the treatment of some diseases, but for some years, many specialists are inserting ozone therapy in aesthetics. Objectives: To carry out an integrative review of the literature on the importance of ozone therapy in skin rejuvenation. Methodology: An integrative review was carried out in the PUBMED, ISCO 3 and SCIELO databases, published between 2011 and 2021, using some descriptors involving ozone therapy and aesthetics. Results: We found 50% (10/20) of clinical trials that deal with the power of ozone and its mechanism in tissue regeneration and healing in injuries caused by different natures; and 50% (10/20) of review articles that addressed: the use of ozone gas to increase circulation and response to oxidative stress; bactericidal and antifungal activity; the fundamental role in aesthetic treatments. Conclusion: In this research, it was verified that ozone therapy, both in animal and human models, has properties in aesthetic dysfunctions, such as localized fat, stretch marks, hyperchromasia, alopecia, sagging and skin rejuvenation, due to its power in combating radicals. cell proliferation, collagen biostimulation, fibroblast biostimulation and anti-inflammatory activity, helping in the general appearance of the skin of the body and face, as well as scarring.


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