Rehabilitation of the older adults in the post-covid-19 syndrome: protocol of a scoping review




Aged; COVID-19; Rehabilitation.


Aims: Analyze the available scientific evidence on the role of rehabilitation in the older adults with post-covid-19 syndrome. Methods: It will be considered indexed literature published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and extracted from ten different databases, up to the month of April/2022. Two authors will independently check the titles, abstracts, and full texts according to the eligibility criteria, and disagreements will be resolved by a third reviewer. In this review, studies with different designs that include older adults with post-covid-19 syndrome in the context of rehabilitation will be considered. A custom form will be used to extract the data from the included studies. The results will be presented in tabular form, accompanied by a narrative summary. Expected Results and Relevance of the Study: From the literature to be reviewed, it is expected to contribute to a better understanding of post-covid-19 syndrome in the older adults and the role of rehabilitation in the management of this condition.


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