Rigor development and meat quality of Murrah buffalo from different production systems





Sex; Tenderness; Glycogen; Sarcomere length; Myofibrillar fragmentation.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the rigor mortis development and its effects on striploins quality of Murrah buffalos from meat (males) and dairy (females) productions. The rigor was monitored during carcass chilling (up to 22 h postmortem) and the meat physicochemical traits was accessed after 72 h postmortem. Glycolytic rate, measured by decreasing pH and glycogen content, was higher (p < 0.05) in female than in male buffalo, leading to a different onset rigor time (5-6 h and 9-10 h, respectively). Male meat had (p < 0.05) lower fat (1.41 vs 3.58%) and insoluble collagen (1.18 vs 1.58 mg g-1) contents, but higher soluble collagen content (5.16 vs 20.38%), sarcomere length (1.65 vs 1.84 µm), myofibrillar fragmentation (334 vs 295) and shear force (39.38 vs 25.92 N) than females. These results suggest that dairy buffalo meat is more tender and can be used on the market as high-quality meat such as from buffalo raised to meat production.


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