Invasive fungal infections in kidney and liver transplant recipients in a center in northeast Brazil




Invasive Fungal Infections; Transplant; Immunosuppressive agents.


Objective: Describe the main invasive fungal infections (IFIs) after kidney and liver transplantation at a referral center, as well as their evolution, treatment, and clinical features. Material and Methods: This was a retrospective, observational, descriptive, case series study involving IFIs diagnosed between January 2012 and December 2019 in kidney and liver transplant recipients. Results: Among 769 kidney transplants, only 1 patient received the organ from a living donor and the other transplants were  from deceased donors. 15 IFIs were diagnosed (7 histoplasmoses, 4 cryptococcoses, 3 candidemias, and 1 aspergillosis), while in 673 liver transplants, 8 IFIs were diagnosed (6 candidemias, 1 murcomycosis, and 1 cryptococcosis). Of the total 23 patients, 6 (26%) had infection diagnosed within 6 months after transplantation. The primary immunosuppressive regimen used was tacrolimus (82.6%), prednisone (82.6%), and mycophenolate (56.5%). Amphotericin B deoxycholate was the leading antifungal agent used for treatment, with nephrotoxicity in 80% of the cases. In the clinical follow-up, 14 patients progressed to cure (60.9%) and 9 to death (39.1%). A worsening of renal function was observed in most patients in the present study. Conclusion: Candidemia, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis were the most frequent IFIs, with the majority occurring later, 6 months after transplantation, and associated with high mortality.


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