Comparative study of the efficiency of pretreatment with alkaline hydrogen peroxide in pineapple bagasse in different granulometries submitted to acid and enzymatic saccharification




Ananás comosus; Hydrolyses; Lignocellulosic-materials; Industrial residues.


This work had the purpose of evaluating the efficiency of the pretreatment with alkaline hydrogen peroxide of pineapple bagasse in order to obtain fermentable sugars by applying acid and enzymatic hydrolysis to said residue. Four experimental designs were applied to study the best conditions for the pre-treatment. Total reducing sugars (TRS) concentration was the response and hydrogen peroxide concentration, time and temperature were the independent variables. The studies were conducted using pineapple bagasse with particle sizes of 20 mesh and 48 mesh. Acid saccharification, with 2.9% sulfuric acid (v/v), following the pre-treatment, yielded TRS concentrations that reached 0.094 g of TRS/g of raw bagasse for 20 mesh and 0.101 g of TRS/g of raw bagasse for 48 mesh. The enzymatic saccharification, with 9 FPU/g cellulase and 2% (m/v) of bagasse, reached 0.063 g of TRS/g of raw bagasse for both particle sizes. The peroxide concentration showed a significant influence, the use of high concentrations reduced the TRS output in both hydrolysis. With the results found in this work, it is possible to infer the feasibility of applying pineapple bagasse as a lignocellulosic raw material. 


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